About the Board of Directors

The Ingleside Chamber of Commerce is guided by twelve members which make up it's Board of Directors.  These twelve individuals have been nominated and elected to office by the membership. 


Each year, the membership is given the task of electing four members, each to serve a three-year term.  The current Board members are:

Belinda Casanova- Chairman- Ingleside Public Library
Kenneth Mills - Past Chairman
John Tummons - OxyChem
Rosie Otalora-  1st Star Real Estate
Kelly Shepperd - Shepperd Electric Services
Matt Sablatura- State Farm Insurance
Xavier Valverde- Individual Member
Kevin Shcleicher- Attorney at Law
Michael Thomas- Cheniere Energy
Martin De Los Santos- L & F Distributors
John Bowers - Ingleside Index
Teresa Guantt-Costly - HEB