We have compiled a list of links to valuable information in an effort to help you prepare for an upcoming hurricane or other disaster.  In the event of an actual emergency we will strive to update you as soon as possible.

To avoid long lines, and product shortages you will want to keep your tank full of gas and supplies stocked!

Evacuation routes and risk assesment map for the Coastal Bend area

Hurricane preparations for your home

Following is a suggested checklist for South Texans to prepare for a hurricane.  The time to assemble the items you will need is now. 

When a hurricane threatens the area all items will be in great demand and there will be a shortage and long lines at all businesses.  Prepare your kit now and keep it stocked for the future.  Plywood or other window covering should be purchased now and kept on hand as it will also be in short supply.

If you have special needs and or need assistance leaving town register with 211 now, registration must be complete before an evacuation is ordered.

Before a Hurricane:
• Make plans to secure your property. Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows. A second option is to board


Recovery steps when you return home

After the storm:
• Locate the fire extinguisher before attempting to turn the power back on.
• Stay away from downed power lines.
• Do not dial 911 unless it is a life threatening emergency.
• Do not report individual power, water, gas or phone problems. Utility companies will restore service as quickly as possible.
• Do not drink tap water until you hear from officials that it is safe.
• Do not pile debris near power poles.
• If possible, call your out-of-town contact and tell them you're all right.
• Avoid driving; if you evacuated as instructed, wait for instructions to return (dates/routes, etc.) – authorities will need 24-48 hours to re-supply gas stations/stores and restaurants along the routes back.
• Use caution in approaching someone else's property; you could be mistaken for a looter. • Photograph the damage to your property for insurance purposes.

Hurricane preparations for your business

Check with your insurance agent or a risk management office to determine if the business is in a designated FEMA flood zone. Is your business vulnerable to hurricane force winds? Have your building inspected by a licensed professional.

Develop a written plan and checklist you can follow for preparation, including the following major areas:
• The protection of the business site and equipment.
• Staffing policy identifying any employees that must remain at the facility during the hurricane, when to return after evacuations.
• Protect vital records (accounts receivable, tax records, and other personnel and administrative documents.
• Review insurance policies to ensure that there is adequate coverage.
Questions to ask include:

Recovery steps when you return to your business

After The Storm
• Assess/photograph basic damages at work site including roof, water damage and broken windows.
• Initiate clean up of work site, document damages, and contact your insurance agent.
• Contact the local Small Business Administration office for information on low-interest disaster relief loans.
• Do not turn on computer equipment if there are indications of low voltage power fluctuations, low air conditioning output, water under raised floor, broken windows or damaged equipment. • Employees return to work according to staffing schedule.