Half Circle Cape

This cape will drape from the shoulders and down the back providing little coverage for the front of the body.

  1. To figure the amount of material needed; measure from the nape of the neck to the desired length of the cape. Draw a half circle using this number as your radius as shown here. For example if your number is 50”, your half circle will be 100” on the straight side. Add an extra 2” so you can turn the hem under two times. If you can’t find a cloth that wide, build the cloth from pie shaped segments as it is done here.

Coif Directions

A coif may be constructed from linen, wool, cotton, or silk. All classes of people, male and female, wear coifs. They may be worn alone or under hats, helmets, chainmail, or even as a nightcap. To make the pattern you will want to draw the coif onto a large piece of paper or newspaper. Here is how to get your basic pattern.

PVC Chainmail

This is for the adventurous person who would like the look without the cost and weight of traditional chainmail. While researching chainmail, we found that with some effort the look of chainmail could be achieved using some spray paint and PVC pipe.

Medieval Attire

So, you have decided that you want to attend the faire and you “don’t have a THING to wear”! There is much information to be found through internet searches and there are many places to purchase your garb. We have gathered some very basic information as well as some simple and inexpensive ways to create your own garb. We do recommend that if you doubt your skills to make a paper pattern first or use inexpensive fabric. We hope we have helped you in your plight!  

Rectangle Cloak

This cloak will drape down both sides of your body, giving ample coverage for a cold day. Take the measurements listed below and cut the material as shown in this diagram.